Peju Tower



Our 50 foot tower was designed by renowned Southern California architect, Calvin Straub. Built in 2003, its rendering has graced the label of every estate-bottled Peju wine since.

Upon entering through the hand-crafted wooden doors of the copper roofed, stone-faced tasting room tower at Peju Winery, visitors are greeted by one of the most well-appointed and architecturally appealing facilities in all of the Napa Valley. With a soaring ceiling and a mezzanine, the large, open room houses a selection of books on food, wine and Napa Valley history; artwork, crystal decanters and wineglasses, wine openers and accessories, local olive oils, and other delectables, all lit by a massive, antique stained glass window dating back to 1906.

Our Rutherford Estate is a peaceful environment comprised of impeccable lawns, immaculately pruned trees and a bounty of flowers. The gardens change on a daily basis and visitors can often glimpse Herta Peju, guiding the planting and pruning as she has for many years, with her hands in the dirt!  Mature perennials range everywhere; roses and dahlias mingling with other seasonal plantings of colorful annuals to create a dazzling and fragrant display. There is the man-made “Willow Creek” with its charming footbridge, a Koi pond and several splashing fountains, and footpaths meandering throughout, leading the visitor from one idyllic vignette to the next.  A prominent feature of the gardens is the work of sculptors Welton Rotz and Philip Dizick, whose art has been tucked strategically into the gardens.  We hope you visit us soon and take our garden tour!

Rutherford Tasting Room

Peju Tower

At 50 ft. high, the Peju Tower holds the distinction of being one of the tallest and most unique buildings in the Napa Valley.  The exterior materials are stucco and stone and the roof is weathered copper and is topped with a unicorn weathervane.  The posts and beams are made of lumber salvaged from old farms in the Midwest. Our hand-carved front door depicts a scene of the goddess Persephone from Greek mythology

The interior measures 1,600 sq. feet and features a mezzanine.  The cabinets, tasting bar and woodwork are all made of Brazilian cherry wood and the floor tiles were imported from Turkey.  The room is lit by a 22′ x 10′ chandelier made of seven 2′ x 2′ antique copper fixtures.  The centerpiece 10’ x 20’ antique stained-glass window was created in Germany in 1906 by the renowned Franz Mayer & Co. and depicts three of the Greek muses in a beautiful garden.

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PEJU Stained Glass Window

The Stained Glass

The centerpiece of the iconic PEJU Tower is a breathtaking 10′ x 20′ Art Nouveau stained-glass window, crafted by the renowned Franz Mayer of Munich (Germany) in 1906. This magnificent back-lit scene showcases three Greek muses playing musical instruments in a beautiful garden setting. Originally commissioned for J.J. Haggarty, owner of an upscale department store in Los Angeles, the stained-glass window adorned his newly constructed mansion called “Castle York,” Unfortunately, Castle York was demolished in 1971, and the stained-glass window was consigned to storage, seemingly lost to the world. In 1993, Tony Peju, with his keen eye for artistry, discovered the window at a San Francisco art auction. After 10 years in the family barn, the Tower was completed and Tony installed this exquisite piece of artistry into its new home.

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Harvest Dance sculpture, peju winery

Harvest Dance

Harvest Dance by Welton Rotz was installed in 1993. Hewn from a single block of Carrara marble, this piece was commissioned to celebrate harvest in Napa Valley- it depicts a man and a women holding a basket of grapes.

Repose sculpture, peju winery


Repose is a bronze sculpture created by artist Philip Dizick and depicts a nude woman reclining on her side peacefully dreaming.  In her sleep space, past and present cease to exist and the meaning of her life is clearly seen.

Napa Valley Art Garden Sculpture Angel


Strategically tucked into the gardens, two beautiful bronze sculptures, the work of Philip Dizick,  greet you at the entrance to the path leading to the Harvest Dance marble sculpture.

Napa Valley Art Garden Sculpture Eternal Cycle

Eternal Cycle

Eternal Cycle is another Carrara marble sculpture by Welton Rotz and depicts the Goddess in Triad, sometimes known as Demeter (the Greek “meter” meaning mother, “de” signifying a delta or triangle): creator, protector and destroyer – maiden, mother and crone.

Napa Valley Art Garden Sculpture Balance Movement

Balance Movement

Balance Movement is a multi-media sculpture fabricated from steel by Philip Dizick.  The geometrics are reminders of who we are and where we come from and are believed to activate emotions that stimulate inter-dimensional stages of consciousness.

Napa Valley Art Garden Sculpture Grecian Pillar

Grecian Pillars

As you enter the west lawn leading to willow creek you are greeted by two large columns draped in deep red Altissimo pillar roses and topped by antique cornices that depict Athena the Goddess of War and Aphrodite the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Napa Valley Art Garden Sculpture Girl on bench

Girl on a Bench

Girl on a Bench is a bronze sculpture by artist Philip Dizick and depicts a young girl reclining peacefully on a park bench in the shade of a willow tree.

Napa Valley Art Garden Sculpture Moonrise


Moonrise is one of three Carrara marble sculptures on the Estate produced by Welton Rotz and depicts Selene the lunar goddess, whose horns represent the cow (nourishment), who dies and is reborn each month with the waning and the waxing of the moon.

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