Robin Gibson

Oakland, California

Robin is a multi-passionate muralist, designer, educator and mom of three, based in Oakland, California. Upon graduating high school in the Bay Area, she matriculated to Parsons School of Design in New York, majoring in Photography. After connecting with painter Brian Gormley, her primary medium became paint. Excited about exploring the intersection of history, cultural mores, and art, Robin decided to complete her undergraduate studies at Mills College in Oakland where she had the opportunity to study oil painting with renowned artist Hung Liu. In 2008 she earned an M.A.Ed. from Stanford University and began teaching History, Studio Art, and later Mural, English and Theater Arts in several schools throughout the Bay Area. In 2014 Robin stepped away from full-time teaching to expand her career in art and design.

The Art

Art Inspiration

The Path

A river flows here, protected by the shade of sprawling oak branches and surrounded by healing herbs, dancing birds, bees and butterflies. After the rains, Water rushes through roots and over rocks. Each bend of the river reminds us of the essence of Water, who always finds a way. She teaches us to look for the simplest path – the path of least resistance.

Art details & dimensions: Oil paint on Wood, 24″ x  36″

Collective Price: $4,560

Art Inspiration

SOLD - The Equinox

Vines are bare, with cracked and peeling bark, and yet many harvests will be reaped from her roots. In winter our desire for heat and sun begins to ache. And then, gracious skies bring water to wake up the flowers and fruits. Without winter, would we celebrate spring?

Art details & dimensions: Oil paint on Wood, 24″ x  36″

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