Anna Judd

Mendocino, California

Scales is Anna Judd’s first NFT collection. Anna is an artist and writer living deep in the mountains of California, exploring the fractal nature of abstract paint layers dragged onto canvas. This unique collection invokes discussion about distance and detail, scale and substance and whether a single part can be greater than the a whole.

The Art

Art Inspiration

SOLD - Communion

Wine itself is art, a living testament that speaks of our ties to the earth and each other. A communion born of sunlit vines and rich soil, it is an expression of time, toil, and elemental forces. When we share a glass of wine together, we partake in a sacred ritual that unites us with the land and each other, transcending our individual boundaries. In this fleeting moment of unity, we are reminded that we are not mere observers, but co-creators of the universe, bound together by nature’s poetry. This painting was inspired by the stained glass artwork inside the PEJU Tower tasting room and the knowing that there is something quite holy and precious about this land and the people who care for it. 

Art details & dimensions: Oil paint on canvas, 48″ x 48″

Art Inspiration

SOLD - Slow Burn

Building something authentic and honest takes patience. Often it takes years. Eventually, our creations take on a life their own, and as we change and evolve, so do they. With dedication and nurturing, what begins as a chaotic dreamscape finds order and harmony in material reality. We learn to become the constant gardner of our dreams, tenderly shaping them, helping them to find their purest expression. This painting, with all its dark chaos at the bottom, rises to find form and harmony near the top. It is about consistently returning to what is directly in front of us, and what we are able to create with our loving attention.

Art details & dimensions: Oil paint on canvas, 30″ x 36″

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