Sarana Haeata

Alice Springs, Australia

Sarana Haeata is a multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Alice Springs, Australia. Her work explores the beauty and nuances held in shared stories, collective and individual identity and the female experience. She also just bloody loves color.

The Art

Art Inspiration

A Sunny Life

This piece is an embrace of the warming sun over the vineyards with a nod to Peju’s commitment to sustainable practices, laughter and family. What struck me most when walking through the Peju Winery was the lightheartedness, laughter and the feeling of connection between the staff. The approachability of it all took me by surprise as it was unexpected in such a prestigious setting which only amplified the beauty of the winery. This is what I fell in love with.

Art Inspiration

Castle In The Sky

This work was inspired by the kingdom that the Peju family have created. A kingdom of beauty, friendship, family and delicacy with a robust sense of fun. This piece is a snapshot of the feeling that with hard work big dreams come true.

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