Love Ablan

New York City, New York

LOVE aka LOV3 is a Filipinx-American from NYC. She grew up around Times Square, marveling at works by ’80s graffiti artists like LADY PINK. LOVE is an artist & storyteller who creates visual narratives through films, photography, fine art and interactive experiences.  She believes the world is pretty magical if you look close enough. Her mission is to help bring unique stories to life and to empower everyone to use their Voice, especially BIPOC youth.  Do what you Wish. Do what you Love.

The Art

Art Inspiration


Inspired by the Golden Age of American illustration that flourished at the turn of the 20th century, Love digitally reinterprets the drawing style and color palettes of vintage magazines and advertisements that shaped the classic visual culture of the time, which still feels fresh and relevant over 100 years later.

Both of her illustrations are influenced by the Tolkien-esque landscape of Northern California, as well as the celestial sky map above the actual vineyard, marking this specific Cabernet batch by its conception and ‘birth.’

Art Inspiration

Fruits Of Our Labor

The grapes used in this specific Cabernet batch are so sensitive, that they can only be harvested in the coolness of the evening time, so both images feature the night sky.

The first image of the woman picking grapes depicts the exact constellation and moon phase in the sky at the time of harvest — specifically, October 17th-20th, 2019.

The second image of the gentleman drinking wine predicts the exact constellation and moon phase of the sky at PEJU’s upcoming 40th Anniversary Gala this year, on October 14th, 2023.

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