Easy Three-Step Candy Corn Wine Bottles

Halloween is upon us! Looking for some quick ways to decorate your house before the trick-or-treaters arrive? Try making these super easy, three-step candy corn wine bottles. Not only are they easy and inexpensive to make, they are adorable and can be pulled out every fall to make your house more festive.

What you’ll need:

Easy three-step process

1. Once your wine labels are removed, make sure the bottle is completely dry. Spray the entire bottle with white spray paint, making sure your layer is even and fully covers the bottle. Allow to dry.


2. Once white layer is dry, cover 2/3 of the bottle with orange spray paint, leaving 1/3 of the bottle white at the top. Allow to dry. img_2461
3. When orange layer has dried, finish by coating the bottom 1/3 of the bottle with yellow spray paint, leaving the top 1/3 white and the middle 1/3 orange. The bottles look best when the lines between each layer aren’t perfect, allowing the colors to blend slightly. Allow to dry and enjoy your finished product!