Tony Peju designed the abundant Peju Gardens, and Herta Peju oversees their care. The gardens change on a daily basis and visitors can often glimpse Herta Peju, fondly known as HB, guiding the planting and pruning as she has for many years, with her hands in the dirt!

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It is upon entering the grounds of Peju Province that the meaning behind the winery’s name becomes apparent. Vineyards, landscaping, art and architecture seem to form a separate world, created by the Peju family. Tony Peju’s background is in horticulture, having founded a successful nursery operation in Southern California in the 1970s.

Peju’s interests are reflected everywhere in the property’s design. Peju Province is an environment of impeccable lawns, immaculately pruned trees and a bounty of flowers. Mature perennials range everywhere; roses and dahlias mingling with other seasonal plantings of colorful annuals to create a dazzling and fragrant display. There is the man-made “Willow Creek” with its charming footbridge, a number of splashing fountains, and footpaths meandering throughout, leading the visitor from one idyllic vignette to the next. And in any one of these areas, visitors may find Mrs. Peju herself, digging in the soil to add colorful new plants or pruning showy roses.

A prominent feature of the gardens is the work of sculptor Welton Rotz. His large, flowing works interpret stories and deities of ancient Greek mythology in a thoroughly modern way. Graceful figures appear in relief, seeming to flow spontaneously from the deeply carved carrera marble. The sculptures are placed in the gardens in such a way as to make each feel perfectly matched to its setting, enhancing the gardens as much as they are enhanced by them.

Our gardens make a lovely place to just linger, savoring the view.

We hope you visit us soon and take a tour of your own!

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