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Monthly Wine Spotlight - 2009 Peju Pink

Monthly Wine Spotlight - 2009 Peju Pink & Risotto

monthy wine and chef spotlight - Allison Neumann

Each month, we pick a featured wine and a celebrated Napa Valley guest Chef creates a perfect pairing recipe!

Peju Pink is a rose that was created by the women of Peju Winery to honor all the lives that have been touched by breast cancer. Peju will donate 10% from the sale of each bottle of Peju Pink to organizations that directly assist patients and advance breast cancer research.

Pink is powerfully fragrant, playful, fresh and fun. Beautiful floral aromatics with juicy peach and passion fruit. Lovely flavors of strawberry, watermelon and tropical flavors of guava and papaya. This unique proprietary blend is perfect for sipping while enjoying the warm weather. Drink Pink, Celebrate Life. Serve slightly chilled.

2009 Peju Pink
- paired with Meyer Lemon, Dungeness Crab and butter Risotto

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Courtesy of Chef Allison Neumann


Ingredients           Amount

- Arborio rice
- Vegetable stock
- Olive oil, just enough to form a thin layer on the bottom of your pan, amount will vary depending on pan.
- Onion, chopped
- Zest of one Myer lemon (make sure to get only zest and no pith)
- Fresh Myer lemon juice
- Peju Pink wine
- Butter, cut into small cubes
- Dungeness Crab, removed from shells, reserve shells
- Grated parmesan
- Salt and pepper
- Tarragon for garnish


1/2 Lb
3 Cups
1 Tbsp or so
2 Tbsp
¼ Cup
½ Lb
1 cup
3 Tbsp (chopped)


1. Bring stock and crab shells to a simmer and season with salt and pepper.

2. In a heavy bottom large pot (3 qt. or bigger), sweat onions and Myer zest in the olive oil until softened and translucent, 6 to 8 minutes.

3. Add the rice and mix thoroughly with the olive oil. Cook, stirring constantly, until a toasty aroma rises, about 1 to 2 min.

4. Add one third of the hot stock to the rice, and cook, stirring constantly, until the rice has absorbed the stock. Repeat, adding the remaining stock in 2 more portions, allowing each to be absorbed before adding the next. (note: don’t get lazy with the stirring J it is key to getting a rich and creamy risotto).

5. Meanwhile, sauté the crab meat in 2 tablespoons of the butter over medium-low heat until just cooked. It would be better to slightly under cook than to overcook the crab meat as it will continue to cook some after you add it to the rice.

6. Just before serving, remove rice from heat and add butter, stirring in a little at a time until fully incorporated. Finish by stirring in parmesan and cooked crab meat. I always reserve a few prime lumps of crab for the top, to make sure it looks stunning as you bring it to the table.

7. Garnish with tarragon and serve!



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