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Seana McNamara

Peju Art Exhibit - Seana McNamara

Peju Art Exhibit - Seana McNamara


Seana McNamara


Artist Statement

I work across media, using my drawings and paintings as digital raw material and reworking what I've done in the digital medium with pencil, paint and other media to create new original works. The potential to create layers in digital art, and to shift between layers, allows art-making to be more like archeology, digging for meaning. But where the archeologist digs deeper and deeper to unearth the past, digital art adds layer upon layer, projecting images and ideas into the future.


As I create individual images, they flow, one into another. Each image reacts to the previous in a running animation of changes. Images, once built, give birth to new images. In them, I evoke narrative, although not in the way that Bosch’s The Temptations of St Anthony clearly depicts supernatural temptation. Instead, I seek visual onomatopoeias that echo my process of art making—cannibalizing old work to create new work, warping, layering, sketching, and erasing. Images are pounded into their new forms, fighting among themselves. The weakest are consumed, becoming raw materials for other images. The strongest snap into place, each layer and color seamlessly fitting to form a coherent whole.


Artist Biography

I was born in Boston but grew up in both the California Bay Area, and Sydney Australia.
I spent each summer wandering around the national park behind my dad’s house in Australia, painting, drawing, whittling, and reading. Living in two such beautiful places gave me a keen appreciation for the world around me and plenty of practice in observing closely. Perhaps because of these experiences, I thought I wanted to become a biologist and spent the first two years of college immersing myself in the sciences, starting research my freshman year, before realizing that art was a better way for me to express my wonder and joy in the world around me. In college, I’ve experimented with a range of media, but I’ve found that both painting and digital art give me a freedom of color and form allows me to communicate best.


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