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Carolyn Wheeler

Peju Art Exhibit - Carolyn Wheeler

Peju Art Exhibit - Carolyn Wheeler


Carolyn Wheeler

ICBArtists.com  — MarinArts.org
CarolynWheelerArts.com  —  NatureArts.biz
415-297-9598  info@naturearts.biz

About Carolyn
Carolyn Wheeler is a retired archaeologist living and working in Marin County, California. Once an intrepid hiker, she now shares her time between her garden, her studio and the island of Maui where she visits and travels with her daughter, Danielle.

Artist Statement
I am fascinated by the origins of life, the evolution of the natural world, and the development of human cultures.  My early work in archaeology and subsequent years as an artist have led me on a unique path. I have gone from studying man and uncovering art to creating the art myself. In my current series, Dorée Nature, I combine images from history with precious metals from the earth. Pigments and resins that once seeped from coniferous trees become ripples on glass, their patterns are created by the sun and wind.
There is a fundamental pleasure in working with natural subjects, especially ancient ones. Their beauty and mystery appeal to both sides of the brain. The precision of setting gold leaf with the tip of a corsage pin is subsequently surrendered to the messy, uncertain cooperation of nature. The process becomes both challenging and satisfying. The result is often as much a surprise to me as it is a reward.
I always keep the final image simple in design and realistic in style.  If I have done my work well, the effect should be immediate.   I want the beauty of the piece to evoke instant pleasure, to inspire the viewer to delight in its company and hopefully even to reawaken some small sense of awe.

From the beginning my life has been enriched with travel and documented with photography. I've had careers in both art and anthropology that have filled my heart
and my studio shelves with images of mankind and his relationship to the planet.

Now after 40+ years of collecting from the outside I've changed my course to include inward travel as well. I'm taking the abundance I already have and begun refashioning
it into what could be.

“When you change the way you look at things you change the way things are.”
I'm blessed and grateful to be involved in the process

The Dorée Nature Collection
Dorée Nature, or "Gilded Nature" is Carolyn Wheeler's exclusive venture in 24 karat
gold, real silver and mixed media. Each Dorée Nature image is created on 11x14 hand sanded glass, skillfully varnished, painted and painstakingly finished with 24K gold and silver leaf. Each piece requires eight to ten delicate processes, five different drying periods and up to a week's time to complete. Because various stages of development are influenced by the changing elements of nature, no two pieces can ever be exactly alike.

Carolyn perfected the Dorée Nature process on her own through trial and error over several years time. In 2011 she applied for a patent and is presently the sole "keeper of the secret" of how it is created. Stunningly bold, and brilliantly beautiful, Dorée Nature creations will retain their value as well as their beauty for generations to come- a unique talent in the art market today.

Not all pieces shown may be available. Commissions upon request.


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