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Mars Lasar

Peju Art Exhibit - Mars Lasar

Peju Art Exhibit - Mars Lasar
Peju Art Exhibit - Mars Lasar

Mars Lasar

www.marslasarstudio.com  |  www.picsfrommars.com  |  www.marslasar.com


My Peju story

After taking many shots of the Napa Valley and its beauty in various seasons and light, I wondered how to capture it after dark. I used my hometown of Yountville to experiment with night photography, mainly focusing on Yountville's famous restaurants and hotels. After many hours, I figured out a way to capture what my eye could see by using a multiple exposure method. I was not accustomed to doing this with night photography, but had experimented with it in my landscape shots. I started hunting for interesting views from Highway 29 at twilight. This led me to a very magical place, Peju Province Winery. I was drawn to its unique illumination, its strange, tall, bent trees, architecture, and garden features. I started shooting and creating my Peju night catalog. I eventually shared some of these images with the Peju staff. Recently we spent some time with their amazing team, in the Peju vineyards shooting sunrise and harvest workers in their Persephone Vineyards in Pope Valley. This is where the story of our art collection begins….


Mars Lasar Bio

Born in Germany and raised in Sydney, Australia, Mars is mostly known for his platinum award- winning compositions in the music world. As a composer/keyboardist and producer, he has worked with many well-known artists and to date has over 30 of his own solo albums. His TV/film music can be heard on CSI, America's Most Wanted, Medium, 24, MTV and American Idol, to name just a few. Mars started playing piano at 11 years old, and over a few years of extensive classical and jazz training, he rapidly became drawn to all kinds of music.  Mars played covers and originals in many venues to gain experience, but composing his own style of music in the studio with cutting-edge music technology was his passion.


Influenced by his mother, a classical artist, and her vast fine art book collection of modern and classical art, he started oil painting at the age of 14. Mars says “Sci-fi was my topic; I just loved to paint whatever came to mind. I was the kid who sat in the back of the classroom drawing intricate lead pencil landscapes and sci-fi scenes.”


Mars explores his fine art photography skills using traditional photography and cutting edge computer technology. This requires equally specialized skills as a photographer and computer whiz. Mars says “I have a good appreciation for light and art. I'm always happy if my image can capture a story, that's the goal."


After spending 20 years working in the music world of Hollywood, he moved to the Napa Valley in 2006. He had a passion for photography for many years but never perused it because of his busy music production schedule. When he moved to Napa he was taken by the many different kinds of light and color changes in the vineyards. He has always been a Sunset Chaser. In Australia where he grew up he would do almost anything to watch the sunset develop—a genuine gift from above. Mars says “I enjoy shooting many variations of colorful landscapes under the luminescence of the ever changing sky. During the vineyard transitions, particularly fall, it’s not unusual for me to be searching the valley with my tripod and camera looking for that perfect scene or vista.”

Mars’ landscapes are hanging in various galleries and homes throughout the Napa Valley. View his full collection at www.marslasarstudio.com



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