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Peju 101

Q: How do you pronounce Peju?
A: It is pronounced "pay shew".

Q: What does the name Peju mean?
A: Peju is the family's last name.

Q: What type of trees line the Peju driveway?
A: They are Sycamore trees.

Q: Who owns Peju Winery?
A: Peju Winery is owned by Tony, Herta and daughters Ariana and Lisa Peju. The winery was founded in 1982 in the famed Rutherford Bench region of the Napa Valley. Tony convinced his wife Herta (HB) to move from the comfort of her Southern California home to the Napa Valley to oversee the winery. Lisa and Ariana are also involved in the winery operations.

Q: How did Peju Winery get started?
A: To satisfy an obsession, Tony combined his "love of wine" and the pains of "mid-life crises" and started liquidating his flower and nursery business in Los Angeles. After attending classes at U.C. Davis, to learn winemaking, his 1986 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve won "Best of Region" & "Double Gold" at the California State Fair in Sacramento. A steady stream of subsequent awards followed, including being named "Winery of the Year" by Wine & Spirits Magazine. From a 30-acre ranch in 1982 to 380 acres in 2009, the growth is expected to continue.

Q: What is the H.B. Vineyard and who is H.B.?
A: H.B. are the maiden initials of Herta Peju. Her maiden name is Herta Behensky and she is originally from Salzburg, Austria. Tony has designated her initials to represent the premium Cabernet.

Q: Where do you sell your wine?
A: Most of our wine is sold here at the winery. A small portion of our wine is distributed to fine restaurants and stores for you to enjoy when you are away from the Napa Valley.

Q: How long can I cellar my Peju wines?
A: We recommend that you consume your whites within 2 years from the purchase date. For the Napa Valley red tier we suggest consumption within 5-8 years and for our Reserve tier you can cellar the wine up to 10-15 years (+ or -)  depending on the vintage.

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