The History Behind the Label

June 5th, 2015 @ 10:00am Haley Sansom Peju History 0

When you pick up a bottle of Peju wine, you’re sure to recognize that the label design mirrors that of the winery, including The Tower. However, this label existed long before construction and was inspired before the Peju family even purchased the estate.

When Tony and Herta Peju moved to Rutherford in 1983 to pursue their dream of owning their own winery, they brought with them a specific vision of what they wanted the estate to look like. In 1981, the Pejus commissioned architect Calvin Straub to design the winery and decided to use his rendering as the label for the first vintage—a 1982 Cabernet Sauvignon. The design, which is still Peju’s iconic label today, depicts the winery as it actually exists now, even though the first phase of construction was not completed until 1991 and the Tower was not constructed until 2003.

The story of the Peju label is really the story of Tony and Herta Peju’s entrepreneurial spirit, determination and commitment to realizing their dreams exactly as they envisioned them. The next time you pick up a bottle of Peju, check out the label, pour a glass to enjoy, and think about the history behind it!

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