October Wine of the Month: 2012 Merlot

October 12th, 2015 @ 08:00am Haley Sansom Wine of the Month 0 wine, Napa, Merlot

Merlot is a Napa Valley staple, loved by wine drinkers far and wide. In honor of Merlot Me month, a month-long global social media event during the month of October, Peju Wine Ambassador Tom Ripley has chosen Merlot as October’s Wine of the Month!

1. What is your chosen Peju “Wine of the Month?”

2012 Merlot

2. What is your favorite thing about Peju’s 2012 Merlot?

I love the elegance and depth of this wine.  It has smooth, subtle flavors and a rich tannin on the finish.

3. How would you describe the 2012 Merlot?

The wine opens with rich plum, cinnamon and cola with a hint of anise on the nose.  When you taste the wine, you immediately discover flavors of deep, smooth plum and blackberry with a well-developed tannin finish. It's an all-around gorgeous wine.

4. What are your pairing suggestions?

Our 2012 Merlot is an ideal pairing with steak, lamb and duck, but also nice just as a sipping wine.

Fun fact: Merlot is also H.B. Peju’s favorite varietal! She says, “Merlot is a wine that is huggable. It's easy to drink by itself and terrific with food!"

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