No-Fail Holiday Food and Wine Pairing Guide

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Holiday celebrations and gatherings with loved ones are synonymous with delicious feasts.  Whether you’re serving prime rib, a seafood spread or a repeat of Thanksgiving dinner (think Turkey and stuffing), it’s good to think about what wines will pair well with your feast ahead of time. If you have yet to purchase your holiday wines, don’t worry! Use our no-stress holiday wine pairing guide and you’ll impress everyone with your food and wine pairing knowledge this holiday season.

Appetizer Course

Most appetizer courses are light and fun to prevent ruining appetites for the main course, and your wine should mirror this. A nice, crisp white like Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with most traditional appetizers, such as charcuterie, oysters and goat cheese. For a less traditional appetizer wine, try serving Sparkling Rosé. This fun wine pairs well with caviar, smoked salmon and cheeses and is even an excellent choice for pairing with popcorn or chips and dip.

Main Course: Prime Rib or Roast Beef

For those serving tender, juicy red meat, red wine is your best choice. We recommend serving a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon to perfectly complement the rich beef. If you want to try something different, open a bottle of Syrah, which is known for it spicy, savory qualities and makes for an exciting pairing with different types of red meat.

Main Course: Turkey Dinner

If you’re roasting a beautiful turkey for your holiday feast, it’s a good idea to have both a red and a white available to your guests. For your white lovers, offer a bottle of Chardonnay, which is a tried-and-true turkey and wine pairing. When it comes to choosing your red, you have a few options based on what you think your audience will enjoy. We recommend surprising your guests with a unique red wine blend that is light enough to complement the delicate flavors of the turkey but bold enough to satisfy the true red wine fan.

Main Course: Seafood

It’s probably no surprise that we are going to recommend serving a white wine with your seafood feast. Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are both guaranteed no-fail wines when it comes to seafood. Dishes like lobster and crab are often served with rich sauces, so the crisp qualities of these two white wines help balance those rich flavors of the dish. Seafood also tends to have more delicate flavors and qualities that are easily overpowered by a bold red wine.

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