It's Easy Being Green!

April 22nd, 2016 @ 03:00pm Haley Sansom Around the Winery 0

At Peju, we pride ourselves on our commitment to being a green, sustainable winery. The earth provides us with the beautiful grapes that we use to make our Peju wine, so we love doing everything we can to take care of it. Here are five ways that Peju aims to help the environment, one employee, vineyard and bottle at a time!

1. Peju Organic Garden

When Executive Chef Alex Espinoza joined the Peju team, he expanded the Peju organic gardens and has been planting seasonal vegetables in it ever since. He uses these vegetables in many of culinary experiences, including food and wine pairings and our farm-to-table lunches.

2. Harvesting the Sun

When Ariana Peju joined the team in 2006, she launched the Harvesting the Sun project by taking Peju solar in 2006. Tod ate, Peju has installed 720 solar panels over 10,000 square feet of the winery’s roof. On average, 36% of the annual energy used at the winery is solar generated.

3. Organic Certification and Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming has always been important to our winemaker, Sara Fowler, and the entire Peju family. Our Rutherford Estate earned Organic Certification from the California Certified Organic Farmers in September 2007. Our vineyards throughout Napa Valley all practice sustainable farming, which includes our Rutherford Estate vineyard, Persephone vineyard in Pope Valley and Wappo Vineyard in Dutch Henry Canyon.

4. Certified Green Winery

In 2009, Peju was certified as a Napa County Green Winery and Bay Area Green Business after achieving all standards in pollution prevention, conservation of resources and environmental compliance.

5. Cash-Back Incentive for Employees

In 2007, Tony Peju started offering long-term employees a $2,000 cash incentive to purchase a hybrid vehicle. 

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