How To: Spring Mimosa Bar

April 20th, 2016 @ 01:00pm Haley Sansom Food and Wine 0

Spring and summer are full of reasons to celebrate. Throughout these warmer months, families and friends will gather to celebrate graduations, weddings, new babies, Mother’s Day and more. Whether you’re hosting a bridal shower or toasting to your mom at Mother’s Day brunch, try this fun spin on the traditional mimosa and let your guests create their own sparkling drinks! Creating a do-it-yourself mimosa bar is easy, fun and brings an interactive aspect to your celebration.

What You’ll Need

Sparkling wine: For our mimosa bar, we used or Peju Sparkling Rosé. Traditional mimosas may not use rosé, so your guests will have fun with this unexpected twist. Plus, the rosé has a gorgeous color and adds an extra festive touch.

Sparkling water or Sprite: Children and those who do not wish to drink can still enjoy the excitement of the mimosa bar with these fun alternatives.

Ice and ice bucket: Whatever sparkling wine you choose, you’ll want to keep it chilled! Choose something that complements the theme or decorations for your celebration.

Glasses: Traditional flutes are always fun to use for mimosas, but feel free to use any glass you like!

Juice: This is where you can get creative! For our mimosa bar, we made sure we had the traditional orange juice option, but we also provided cranberry juice, limeade, and mango nectar. Other suggestions include pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice and even carrot juice. Guests can stick with one juice variety or add more than one and make fun creations such as an orange mango mimosa or a cranberry pomegranate mimosa. Have fun and experiment with a bunch of different juices to figure out what you like best! To elevate the look of your mimosa bar, pour juice out of its original container and into festive carafes.

Garnishes: A fresh fruit garnish is the prefect finishing touch. Fresh berries should be a staple at your mimosa bar regardless of juice choices, with other selections changing based on the juice options. For example, if you’re providing pineapple juice, it may be fun to have cubed pineapple as a garnish.

Décor: Depending on your event, match your table décor to the theme of your party. A fun way to communicate juice flavors to your guests is to add chalkboard labels to your juice carafes. Adding a chalkboard with step-by-step instructions for creating the perfect mimosa is a fun idea as well.

Tip: everyone has a different opinion on what makes the perfect mimosa, but traditional proportions are two parts juice to one part sparkling wine.

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