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July 31st, 2015 @ 01:00pm Haley Sansom Haley Discovers Wine Country 0

Welcome to the start of my new adventure. As a self-proclaimed wine novice, I am diving headfirst into the wine industry with my new position as Social Media Specialist at Peju Province Winery, and I hope that you will come along for the ride!

I am a born-and-raised Northern California girl. I grew up in Santa Rosa, California and attended Santa Rosa High School.  When you’re from Sonoma County, people naturally assume you’re at least wine knowledgeable, if not an expert. When I moved to Las Vegas to pursue a marketing degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, everyone I encountered was immediately intrigued when they learned that I grew up near wine country. They would ask, “What are the best wineries to visit while I’m there?” and, “What is your favorite wine?”  My admission that I knew little to nothing about wine and had never visited a winery before was met with looks of confusion and disbelief. How has someone who lives 45 minutes from Napa Valley never actually visited Napa Valley?

My answer is simple: my parents didn’t drink wine, so I was never introduced to the world of Napa and Sonoma wine country and all of the wonderful things our region has to offer. As a junior in college, I was not yet of legal drinking age, and therefore didn’t have the opportunity to explore the region for myself.  But now, almost two years out of school, I am eager to learn about the wine industry and add to my fledgling wine knowledge.

After obtaining my degree and getting my start in a social media position with a hotel in Las Vegas, I decided that I was ready to move back to Sonoma County. I knew that once I settled back into the place I had called home for almost 20 years, I was going to pursue a job in the wine industry. It would be challenging, as I had no wine experience, but I had solid knowledge of hospitality, marketing and customer service, and I had a strong desire to learn.

When I drove up to Peju Province Winery for my first interview, I instantly felt at home. The Guest Service Associates in the tasting room occupied me while I waited for my interview and the grounds were breathtaking. I had familiarized myself with the winery and was intrigued that it was still family owned and operated. I remember thinking to myself, “I hope that this is where I get to learn about the wine industry.”

Now, here I am, two months in with my new Peju family. I am catching on to the wine lingo and learning new things about my palate every day. During my first few weeks, I shadowed wine tastings and even did my own tasting for the very first time, but that's a story for a different time.

While I feel like I have learned so much already, I know that I have more to learn, especially with the approach of harvest season, and I am ready to soak it all in and share my experiences along the way. Whether you are new to wine like me, or you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur, join me as I embark on my journey of discovering the wine industry, Napa Valley, Peju Province and my newfound, ever-evolving appreciation for wine. 

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