August Wine of the Month: 2012 Zinfandel

August 7th, 2015 @ 01:00pm Haley Sansom Wine of the Month 0

Do you have a favorite Peju wine? Have you been wanting to try a new wine or learn how to pair a bottle that’s already in your cellar? Or, maybe you’re just discovering us and want to learn more about the wines we produce at Peju Province Winery. Introducing Wine of the Month, a new monthly feature in which a member of the Peju team will highlight a preferred wine and share what he or she loves about it.

For our first Wine of the Month feature, we asked seasoned Wine Ambassador and “Vintertainer” Alan Arnopole to fill us in on what he’s currently sipping.

What is your chosen Peju “Wine of the Month?”

2012 Zinfandel – a superior wine from a stellar vintage!

What is your favorite thing about Peju’s 2012 Zinfandel?

Zinfandel is my everyday drinker, my house red wine. It’s versatile and pairs with a huge range of foods—it’s also great enjoyed by itself. It’s a rarity to find a Zin in Napa, but our Persephone Estate Vineyard in Pope Valley is a high elevation location that produces excellent Zinfandel.

How would you describe the 2012 Zinfandel?

Two words: big fruit! It’s very plush, with aromas of berry and chutney and flavors of blueberries, blackberries and brown sugar.

What are your pairing suggestions?

This wine pairs well with tomatoes, therefore Italian food (my personal favorite!) is a must! Try ravioli, pizza, osso bucco, lasagna or spaghetti—or just fogidaboutit! Not in the mood for Italian food? Zinfandel rocks with ribs on the grill, too.

Here’s an old family recipe I’d like to share with you all:

When making homemade spaghetti sauce, put ¼ bottle of Peju Zinfandel in the sauce and a glass of Zin in the chef (this adds a little zing to both)! Simmer the sauce for approximately four hours. However, the chef tends to dry out, so uncork further bottles as needed. Buon Appetito!



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