A Guide to the Best Wine Gadgets

November 3rd, 2015 @ 03:00pm Megan Eileen McDonough Wine Knowledge 0 wine, gadgets, gifts

1. Coravin

Looking for the perfect pour? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Shop no further than Coravin, which uses a smart technology to pour a single glass of your favorite wine while simultaneously protecting the rest of the bottle from oxidation. Despite the simple yet sleek design, the technology is pretty intricate. There's a thin, non-coring, medical-grade needle that passes through the cork to pour the wine while leaving the cork intact and a trigger that enables easy pouring. The company also just released Coravin Model Two, a sleeker, faster, easier-to-use version of the original model.

2. WineSkin

Traveling with wine can be a gamble, even when you think you’ve secured the bottle. Ideal for frequent travelers, the WineSkin bottle transport bag ensures that your bottles are safe no matter where in the world you go. Featuring a leak-proof transport system that is easy to use and affordable to boot, you can rest assured that your coveted wine bottles will stay intact. For serious wine packers, consider the VinGardeValise wine suitcase.

3. Vinturi Wine Aerator

Add a touch of luxury to your laidback wine nights with the Vinturi Wine Aerator. Pour your wine (red or white) through the device and it will aerate in seconds, yielding richer flavors and full-bodied taste. Wine needs to breathe in order to release the intended aromas, and the aerator does the hard work so that you can reap all the delicious benefits. The process is quick and the results instant. It might end up saving you money too, since you can drink amazing wine right at home.

4. Twist Decanter

Not only is this twist decanter a great centerpiece and conversation starter, but it also ensures that your wine retains the full flavor it always intended to share. Don't be intimidated by the look of this item. It's actually quite simple. Just pour your wine into the decanter before your dinner guests arrive and then once again right before a special toast. The base is made of stainless steel and the curve design can accommodate up to half a bottle of wine.

5. Flavor-Infusing Decanter

While on the topic of decanters, let’s spotlight another star player. Ideal for anyone who's open to a little experimentation when it comes to wine, the flavor-infusing decanter allows you to give a shot of added flavor to your glass. The device is fairly compact and made of silicone, glass and lead-free crystal. Add everything from fruit and cinnamon sticks to mint. You can also add other types of alcohol like vodka and bourbon. Go ahead, get creative!

6. Rabbit Wine-Chilling Carafe

No ice bucket? No problem. Splurge on the Rabbit Wine-Chilling Carafe instead. The device is ideal for white wine and rosé, especially on hot days lounging by the pool. The carafe will keep pre-chilled wine cold for at least 90 minutes, often more. It's sleek, non-bulky and doesn't have any plastic or freezable chemicals to worry about. The carafe holds 750 ml of wine and is available in three colors: black, teal and red.

7. Menu Fahrenheit Thermometer

If you've ever had warm wine problems (see above), another great gadget to keep your temperature in check is the Menu Fahrenheit Wine Thermometer. At first glance, it looks similar to a watch and is small enough to store easily in your kitchen. Just slip the device over your wine bottle and it will read the current temperature, ensuring that you taste optimal flavors. Fitting around the bottle like a belt, it’s an instant conversation starter.

8. Bamboo Wine Table

Planning a picnic involves a lot of prep, and this bamboo wine table simplifies things. Eco-friendly and collapsible, this table holds two wine glasses with extra space in the middle for a small cheese plate. The extra-long stake anchors your wine and food in place without harming the environment. The wine table works great for outdoor picnics and you can also bring it to the beach. Warning: romance might ensue.

9. Bicycle Wine Rack

Calling all bikers! What better way to ride in style than with a bottle of your favorite wine in tow? The bicycle wine rack attaches to your bike, ensuring that both you and your wine are safe in transit. The material is olive-oil-treated vegetable-tanned leather and handmade in Montreal, making it quite an eco-friendly gadget. The antique brass fasteners fit on 1-inch to 1.5-inch bike frames and are adjustable to different types of bottles.

10. Krug Flânerie Champagne Cooler

This last item is for the trendsetters of the world, and what is more appropriate than a chilled bottle of Champagne? Bridging the gap between fashion and function, the Krug Flânerie Champagne Cooler keeps your bottle of Champagne at the ideal cool temperature for two hours. At around $200, it's not cheap, but it's sure to make a statement. Sling it over your shoulder or adjust the leather straps for added convenience.

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