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Miguel Cruz

Peju Art Exhibit - Miguel Cruz

Peju Art Exhibit - Miguel Cruz

Miguel Cruz

Born in Puerto Rico, Miguel moved to New Jersey nearly three decades ago and built a thriving veterinary practice. But a deep love of art and a unique worldview drove Miguel to follow a passion for creativity – and this self-taught photographer and artist has never looked back. 

His inimitable eye quickly garnered attention, and Miguel earned the opportunity to share his gift – as a professional sports photographer, a graphic designer and as a landscape photographer. 

Northern California’s stunning vistas beckoned, and Miguel made the bold decision to move cross country five years ago -- a move that reinvigorated his enthusiasm for art. The perpetual student, Miguel became fascinated with the encaustic process, and adopted the method of encasing his photos in wax, a technique that gave his work a depth and painting-like quality. 

Once he mastered this, Miguel expanded his use of wax – and has experimented endlessly with this new medium. His newest works are completely made using cold wax and oils, and the resulting pieces are bold, urban art creations that are drawing praise and attention.


Mission Statement:
Art is one’s soul, exposed to the world

I began my journey as an artist three decades ago. It began behind a camera, capturing life in still shots. Through the use of HDR, and the encaustic process, I’ve transformed simple photographic pieces to unique artworks. As an artist, I have a passion for growth, and I’m energized by my newest endeavor – creating exceptional art pieces using wax, oil and full encaustics. 

I am not interested in defining a style but more a free expression of my thoughts.Art is not about control, definition and color balance in every piece  -- to me it means letting my eyes and thoughts drive my hands to express something that I feel.

I am fully motivated by movement in nature – the fluidity of life inspires my art, as it too changes with every stroke. Every time I get my hands on the canvas. I connect to the wax as it moves, forming layers upon layers of depth and meaning.

My artistic career continues to evolve, expanding the boundaries of  perfection to create something that is beautifully imperfect

I want to share my gift; to teach; to continue to learn and grow; to inspire others to chase their dreams; to spark wonder and debate;  to leave a piece of my soul on this earth. 


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