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Mario García Miró

Peju Art Exhibit - Mario Garcia Miro

Peju Art Exhibit - Mario Garcia Miro

Mario Garcia Miro


Mario García Miró was born in  1964 in Barcelona, Spain. In the long tradition of Spanish realism painters from Barcelona, he focuses on realism and sometimes hyper-realism, but with a decidedly modern twist.

His major influences are not only classicist landscape painters of the Olot School but also western Europe’s cutting edge realists such as Damien Hirst. García Miró is a former member of the hugely influential Spanish realist painting group Amigos del Realismo.

Garcia Miró paints in two distinct styles. Traditional realism, focusing on natural landscapes, and his innovative “fusion” style. His “fusion” paintings are a unique style of representational art, blending both more abstract architectural elements and hyper-real natural scenes. In the words of one art critic, the works are “visually stunning and demonstrate a unique voice.”

Since his arrival to the United States in 2005, his stature within the contemporary art world has grown along with the demand for his oils by esteemed and casual art collectors alike.  Indeed, it is his unique juxtaposition of two worlds (one quite surreal and the other quite real and recognizable) which, causes people to either pause and ponder, or do a double take a few moments after first glance. 

In addition to his evident artistic skill in the basic foundations of fine art, Miro has also “infused” his original oils with a strong social commentary, causing the viewer to not only marvel, but also perform a self-check on their own personal relationship to nature vis a vis our very modern, often insular society.



Christopher Hill Gallery, St. Helena, California (USA) 2006 - 2011


X- Power Gallery 2014, Taipei, Taiwán

Art Revolution Taipei 2014, Taipei, Taiwán

Art Revolution Taipei 2013, Taipei, Taiwán

Bellavita Art Gallery 2014, Taipei, Taiwán

Kelti Art Center 2014, Taipei, Taiwán

X- Power Gallery 2013, Taipei, Taiwán

Bellavita Art Gallery 2013, Taipei, Taiwán

Kelti Art Center 2013, Taipei, Taiwán

Hamdorff Art Fair 2010, Laren, Holland

Hamdorff Art Fair 2009, Laren, Holland.

Anderson Galleries, Beverly Hills - California (USA).

Busarts Art Gallery, Bussum (Holland). Sponsored by LEXUS

Vidrart Gallery , Ciutadella - Menorca , Spain.

Silvia Snnacheribbo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

ArteAltea Gallery, Valencia , Spain.

Dean Day Gallery, Houston - Texas  USA

Archange Galerie, Paris , France. ( works in permanence )

Gelida City Council, Barcelona. Spain 

Casa Soler i Palet de Terrassa -Barcelona. Spain

“Realisms: 1er meeting of realist painters", Barcelona. Spain

Wit Gallery, Lenox - Massachusetts ,USA.

Ou Art; Barcelona, Spain.

Met Room Arquitecture, Barcelona, Spain.

Las Acacias Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Espai Cultural L´oreneta, Castellón, Spain,

Centre de la Vila Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

La Porta d´or Art Gallery, Tarragona, Spain

Cultural Center San Martí, Barcelona, Spain

Met Room, Barcelona, Spain

Ou Art, Barcelona, Spain

L’Atelier Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain



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